Lighting Control

Lighting Control - Mix Natural and Artificial Lighting Lighting Control - Mix Natural and Artificial Lighting

"It does everything but tuck her in...

With TaHomA, our bedtime has finally become more routine. I can leave al light on so my daughter can fall asleep peacefully, then turn it off without leaving my own bed. And those times when my husband and I are craving a midnight snack? TaHomA makes it simple to light our way to the kitchen without fumbling around in the dark. Plus, if I hear any noises during the night, I can light up the house with the touch of a button."

Mix Natural and Artificial lighting

Lighting Control - Create custom Scenes to set the perfect mood

Mix and match natural and artificial lighting settings into Scenes, and apply them to an in-wall scene controller for quick access in high traffic places like your foyer, kitchen, or family room.

Combine customized lighting Scenes with automated Schedules to experience a new level of luxury and convenience. Create a "Good Night" Schedule to activate every night at 11:00PM to turn off every light, just in time for bed.

What about when you're away from home?

Use TaHomA's "Randomize" feature to create a lived-in look by activating the Schedule of your choice anytime within 15 minutes of a pre-set time. For example, create a "Vacation" Schedule with a Scene that lowers shades throughout your home and turns on lights in the family room and kitchen. You can rest easy knowing that your home looks occupied, even when it's not.

Add motion sensors for added convenience

Your authorized TaHomA dealer can set Scenes to activate when motion sensors detect motion and when the room is empty again. Set advanced conditions for activation such as specific days of the week or before/after/between certain times of day.

Hands-free activation is perfect for basement stairs or garages, or to light the way to the kitchen for houseguests looking for a midnight snack! Or for extra peace of mind, you can apply an "All Lights On" Scene to activate only between the hours of midnight and 6AM to light up the house if intruders are present.

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